Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pizza Box Portfolios

Hey everyone! I sure enjoyed my long Labor Day weekend. I did not post since I was definitely taking a break from all labor. Starting school in July gets rough right about now! I am loving my "Pizza Box Portfolios" that I use in my classroom. My colleague came up with this idea a couple of years ago, and I love it! Each child has a pizza box that is their portfolio for the year. I have them stacked with their name on a label on the front. I have a lesson where I show them the rubric below to help with what goes in their pizza box throughout the year. I saved about 4 items of their work, and then introduced the pizza boxes around the third week of school. They had to sort which projects they thought would go inside. Some of them didn't have any that were neat enough! This was a great lesson on what work should look like as well as on portfolios. Now, if they do a great job on something, they can walk over to their pizza box and stick it in there themselves!

Each child keeps this rubric in their pizza box all year as a reminder!


Grade ONEderful said...

Very cool idea. We glue our stuff into scrap books and it takes FOREVER! Do the local pizza shops donate the boxes?
Grade ONEderful


Miss Hockensmith said...

Thanks! Yes! The pizza shop next door to us donated.

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