Saturday, May 28, 2011

❀Great Gift Tags for End of the Year Gifts!

I realized tonight that I need to make some cute gift tags for the gifts I bought my firsties! I love using my Scholastic Book Order points from the year to buy each child in my class a fun summer book to read and keep. Usually I put a gift tag on the inside to personalize each child's book. The gift tags below have a space at the top for you to write in the child's name and a space at the bottom to sign your name. Just click on the picture below! There are 9 gift tags on one page.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

❀End of the year activities and review, UPDATED

**I have updated a few things. There was something missing on the fraction page, and I have also made the calendar numbers smaller. Thanks!

Next week is our last week of school in our first grade community, and while we are going to be busy with cleaning and saying goodbye, my firsties also need some engaging and fun activities. Our field day is next Tuesday in the afternoon, so in the morning we will be working on these fun activities below! There is math, reading, writing, and word work incorporated into this packet along with some fun coloring. "A Day Out For Bears" is about two Bears having some summer fun! Click on the picture below to download these great activities for yourself!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

❀ER and IR Spelling Pattern Sort

The "r controlled" vowels are usually very difficult for first graders. When decoding words, these are usually the combination of letters that stumps them. R controlled vowels include "er", "ir", "ur", and "ar". In our first grade community, we have saved a major study of the r controlled vowels for the end of the year! Identifying spelling patterns is something we have worked on each week this year. A spelling pattern of the week really helps both teachers and children focus in on mastering that pattern. Giving the students time to work in these spelling patterns is also important! As you all know, sorting words by spelling patterns is an excellent way to help children identify differences in patterns. Last week, we combined two spelling patterns we had just worked on: the "er" and "ir". Click on the picture below to get a link to download the "er" and "ir" sort we worked on!

Monday, May 16, 2011

❀Geometry Fun!

So after creating my LOVELY Fractions practice, I decided to create some more end of the year math! We also have to cover/review some quick geometry. Our district is adopting the "Common Core" Standards for next year, so this practice page aligns with those Common Core Standards! My kids love to draw, and now that it is our last quarter of school we are using rulers on our own. They love any opportunity to use those rulers, and drawing straight lines to create shapes is a perfect way to extend the use of those rulers beyond measuring! Can't wait to roll this activity out tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait to post it!

Friday, May 13, 2011

❀Froggy Fractions!

I am excited to join the first grade blogging community! Although I have my own first grade classroom, I am part of a two classroom first grade community. My teammate and I plan many integrated units together, and we love creating new things for our firsties! We just ended our "Lucky Duck" unit where we hatched ducklings. WHEW! So glad those cute fuzzy ducks are gone, but we had an amazing time.

This is Rose, our first to hatch. She arrived on May 2.

I will be posting more ducky activities next year, but on to some end of the year activities!!!

I don't know if any other first grade teachers find themselves in this predicament, but in our first grade community we have a lot of math to cover in these last few weeks! We are starting fractions next week. I created some Froggy Fraction Fun since I love frogs, and we need some fun, fun, fun activities!
Froggy Fractions

I will be working on this with the students next week, so I will be sure to post how it went and what I add to it!