Friday, May 13, 2011

❀Froggy Fractions!

I am excited to join the first grade blogging community! Although I have my own first grade classroom, I am part of a two classroom first grade community. My teammate and I plan many integrated units together, and we love creating new things for our firsties! We just ended our "Lucky Duck" unit where we hatched ducklings. WHEW! So glad those cute fuzzy ducks are gone, but we had an amazing time.

This is Rose, our first to hatch. She arrived on May 2.

I will be posting more ducky activities next year, but on to some end of the year activities!!!

I don't know if any other first grade teachers find themselves in this predicament, but in our first grade community we have a lot of math to cover in these last few weeks! We are starting fractions next week. I created some Froggy Fraction Fun since I love frogs, and we need some fun, fun, fun activities!
Froggy Fractions

I will be working on this with the students next week, so I will be sure to post how it went and what I add to it!


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