Saturday, May 21, 2011

❀ER and IR Spelling Pattern Sort

The "r controlled" vowels are usually very difficult for first graders. When decoding words, these are usually the combination of letters that stumps them. R controlled vowels include "er", "ir", "ur", and "ar". In our first grade community, we have saved a major study of the r controlled vowels for the end of the year! Identifying spelling patterns is something we have worked on each week this year. A spelling pattern of the week really helps both teachers and children focus in on mastering that pattern. Giving the students time to work in these spelling patterns is also important! As you all know, sorting words by spelling patterns is an excellent way to help children identify differences in patterns. Last week, we combined two spelling patterns we had just worked on: the "er" and "ir". Click on the picture below to get a link to download the "er" and "ir" sort we worked on!


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