Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it all goes down Wednesday: Teacher Week Day 3

For day three of teacher week, I will share some pictures of my classroom! If you would like to participate, just click the picture below, head on over, and link up!So my room is organized and functional in my opinion... not super fancy, but the kids learn a lot just the same :-)

This is my RTI stations chart. I put the kids' pictures next to the station they are at for the day when I hold intervention time. There were a lot of kids who needed a quick intervention today, look at that! We train the kids on the stations that we switch out each Friday. Some stay the same for a while because they are so fun! We use Debbie Diller inspired stations. Love her!

This is a view of my calendar wall/folder bins/RTI and storage! On the far left is the calendar my kids write the new number of the day on each day. Then the days of the week, vowels, money, yesterday and today, hundred chart, turn in tray, and storage bins! This is the main wall in the classroom we use to learn besides our word wall. Sadly I do not have a smartboard, but I do have a projector to hook up to my laptop!

I have almost NO storage in my teeny tiny room, so this was a life saver this year! I store all my math manipulatives I don't want the kids to get into quite yet in the six parts below, and then the top three are for RTI station games. On the very top are thing they can use for indoor recess, but it's not very neat right now since we had indoor recess yesterday... it was stormy!!

So last year my kids' desks were a MESS. This year, I decided to have table captains for my four tables that were in charge of getting folders if and when we need them. Each table is a different color corresponding with the bins. Each week the table helper rotates. They are getting SO GOOD at this job!!!! We have been in school for six weeks though since we are year round...

So the top of this may look like a hot mess, but it's actually a cool idea! These are our pizza box portfolios. We keep these throughout the year, and the papers that need to be evaluated to go in them is the hot mess at the top. We have a simple rubric to evaluate what should go inside to save. This also helps out for our academic celebration at the end of the year.

That is it! I hope you got some inspiration from my room! It's working well for me so far, and I love looking at everyone else's rooms too!!!


claire said...

Super idea! We are using massive zippy bags at moment... but it is tricky for kids to decide what to put in them (i.e. they want to put EVERYTHING in them!

I don't suppose you'd care to share your rubric?


Miss Hockensmith said...

Hi Claire,

It is so hard for them to decide what to put in those bags! We go over this a lot the first week so they start to understand how to manage that. I actually blogged about my pizza box portfolio rubric, if that's the one your referring to. Here is the link to the post:

Thank you!

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