Thursday, July 14, 2011

❀Reading Log

My colleague found a wonderful reading log to use for the first quarter with our first graders! I adapted it to make it my own, but if you would like to use it as well the link is below! On the log, there is a spot for parents to fill out whether they read to their child, with their child, or that their child read independently. It also specifies that the book has to be read 3 times before the parent initials the log for that book! I think this is a wonderful way to promote reading at home. I have a student sticker chart for when the a reading log is returned. When a student gets five stickers, they can pick a book from my "extra book box" (I have collected several over the years that I don't really put out). We also reward the students with golden tickets, so they get some golden tickets each time they turn in a log as well. Happy reading!


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