Monday, August 1, 2011

❀Back to School Freebies! Under the Sea!

This year we started our year with a fun "Under the Sea" unit to hook our kids for the first couple of weeks. Below are links for a bulletin board idea, a getting to know you game, a phonics game, and a math game that I used the first couple of weeks. The kids loved playing the games, and it was a great kindergarten review! Just click on each picture for the free game download!!!

To create this cute bulletin board, I put this "Officially Firsties" poster in the middle, and then printed the children's names on labels. I put the labels on the fish patterns you will find in this picture link, and then each child had a fish with their name on it on the bulletin board! Great welcome back!

I have posted this game before, but it goes with the "Under the Sea" fun!

This game is a great phonics review! The kids work in pairs to fish for letters that have the same sounds! The directions are in the link.

This game is a great math review! You can play as a whole group lesson first, and then have the students work in pairs to put the numbers in order from 1-30. Great follow up activity included too!


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Thanks for sharing!

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Yay thanks for sharing your blog too! So cute!

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Just found you blog and LOVE it! Thanks so much for sharing!
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