Sunday, July 24, 2011


Each year in my classroom, every child gets one week to be the SUPERSTAR of the week! They spend the week before their "big week" getting ready. I send home a poster for them to fill out, purchased from Scholastic. It is the "All About Me Tee." When they begin their week, they bring the poster in on Monday, and each day they share something different about themselves. The students listen to the topic of the day and ask questions. Then on Thursday we write and draw what we learned about the Superstar! I put these into a book on Thursday, and the Superstar takes their book home on Friday. Below I have a link to the letter I send home at the beginning of the year to the parents. It explains what the child can share each day. I attach a list of what child has each week on the back, and the very first week is always me. Also there is a link to the cover page for the child's book and the pages on which the children write all about the superstar! I leave a spot blank on the cover page, and usually the child draws their own self portrait. They always turn out so cute!


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